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A website from Gizagoo is more than just a window into your business for others. It is also a window for you into your customers interests and it allows you communicate quickly and directly with them. For many of our customers we provide their domain email at Google or Outlook.com, opening up the world of cloud computing.


A website designed and built by Gizagoo is the same type of site that many companies will gladly let you spend vast sums of money developing. We have taken over sites from others on behalf of our clients and have been shocked to hear the prices charged for development and maintenance. Rest assured that we are aware of all best practices in the industry and will develop a site that the search engines will love. We use a template system to ensure that the sites we develop are XHTML compliant, use CSS for styling and can accommodate third party widgets. Our responsive designs ensure your site looks good on tablets and smart phones.


All good websites begin with good design. Often our hardest task is to discover what you really want. The clearer the perception is to you, the faster we can develop some mock ups to further refine your ideas. Our graphic artists can work wonders with your photographs and artwork to incorporate existing material into your website or we can develop designs from scratch. See our portfolio for examples.

Content Management System (CMS)

If your website does not have a CMS, you will most likely need us to make all changes for you, which can work out more expensive. With a CMS you can logon, edit the text and add pictures as easily as sending an email. For most users we recommend WordPress due to it’s ease of use, the free training available, automatic security updates and a huge range of available widgets. There is a reason WordPress has 25 million users. Joomla is similar and better for some requirements. We also do HTML5/jQuery/PHP/ASP sites depending on your requirements. Contact us for advice on the best option for your needs.

Visitor Analysis

You need to know who visits your site, what pages they view and where in the world they are. We integrate our websites with Google Analytics, which gives you all this information and much more. You can logon to your Google Analytics account at any time to get detailed information on visitors to your site, how they got there and what they viewed. You can see your most popular pages and what search engine queries brought them to your site.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With your help we can optimise your site for search engines. We ensure that all code and content on the site is search engine friendly. We prepare a site maps and submit your site to the major search engines. SEO is constantly changing game and we stay informed of the best current practices in this area.

Social Networking

Your website is only part of the story in your total web presence. Facebook, Twitter and others represent a very important opportunity for you to interact and communicate with both existing clients and potential leads. Widgets can be used to link your blog or news page. We can advise on the best strategy so that entries can be easily made available to your friends and followers.

Cloud Computing

At the very least, we can link up your domain to google or outlook to provide you with access to your email from all your devices. You can then share documents with everyone in your domain. This can also give you the ability to edit documents online, potentially saving software costs.

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