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Disaster Recovery

Our offsite backup service ensures that if anything happens to your business premises, your important files will remain safe. This enables companies to implement disaster recovery plans, so that they can quickly be up and running again if disaster strikes.

Our system allows many computers at one location to be backed up regularly to one or more locations on your premises. Overnight all changed files are sent to the cloud for safe keeping. This means that simple single file restores can be done locally, without having to resort to the offsite backup. However it is nice to know it’s there should you need it.

If disaster strikes and you need all your data quickly, we will get your data to you as fast as possible. For large amounts of data it may be quicker to use a courier rather than electronic transfer. We are based in Dublin, so this is especially useful for Irish businesses.

You will receive an email each morning (or whatever time of day suits) telling you how many files were backed up overnight in each area and the total amount of storage used. Individual mails can be sent to managers detailing only the file count relevant to their area.

Software Development

Our backup software was developed in-house and can be customised to your exact requirements. We can also develop custom software applications to your specification. Our staff have many years experience in contracted software development.

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